Solidarity with RMT strikers against Fascist attacks

Manchester RMT solidarity picket

PCS activists including Stella Dennis joined the solidarity picket for the RMT against the Nazis at Manchester Victoria station on Saturday (12 January).  A group of Nazis had threatened RMT strikers last week threatening and racially abusing the pickets.

The RMT were on their 43rd strike day in their campaign to stop Northern Rail cutting Guards from the trains when the Nazis turned up to abuse them. They focused on a Sikh RMT member who spoke to around 150 protesters on Saturday about defending jobs and safety on the railways. About the Nazis he said, “If we ignore them they will grow stronger, we must defeat them”.·

Nahella Ashraf from Stand up to Racism said, “The fascists want to attack the working class… wherever they march, and attack our brothers and sisters, our comrades, we need to stop them because we are the majority.”

The fascists around the DFLA and ‘Tommy Robinson’ have been gaining confidence feeding off official islamophobia. Their recent attacks on a socialist bookshop, RMT activists and Owen Jones at the People’s Assembly demonstration are a reminder that they have a far wider agenda.

The solidarity picket was joined by delegations from Unison branches, GMB, NUJ, UCU, Labour Councillors, Manchester Momentum, Stand up to Racism and Unite Against Fascism, Jewish Voices for Labour as well as Manchester and Trafford Trade Councils and LGBT+ Against Islamophobia.