National Elections

Lynn Henderson declaration

Supporters of Socialist View will note with interest the announcement today that Lynn Henderson has declared her intention to stand in next year’s PCS AGS election.

In Lynn’s statement, she has confirmed her support for Left Unity’s elected Presidential candidate, Fran Heathcote, as well as for the Democracy Alliance slate which was published earlier today. This is obviously to be welcomed, as is her commitment to implementing the union’s policies, including the policy of ADC and the strategy of the NEC for a national pay campaign based on central pay demands.

While these commitments are to be welcomed, that should not be confused with an endorsement by Socialist View.

Lynn is not the Socialist View AGS candidate, with a decision on the SV candidate to be taken early in the New Year, and Lynn will not be the Left Unity candidate, as she is not a member of Left Unity.

Comrades, we will take our own time in deciding who we support moving forward, after consulting with those who have backed us throughout the last 7 months.

Democracy Alliance slate

We welcome the publication earlier today of the Democracy Alliance slate for National Officer, NEC and block vote elections in 2019.

The overwhelming support of our preferred candidates in the LU election process, is testament to the platform on which we stood, and to the work our supporters put in during a difficult and often hostile few months.

Socialist View are committed to supporting the published slate in next year’s elections, and the policies of both PCS and Left Unity, agreed by the respective conferences in May and December.

Thank you

It has been a testing and often trying 6 months or so for many of you who stood up to support Janice Godrich, Fran Heathcote and the Socialist View endorsed candidates within Left Unity.

It is with genuine sadness that we have had to accept Janice’s withdrawal of her candidacy on health grounds, and we know that has created some confusion and uncertainty.

We are sure you will agree that is only right and proper to place on record our best wishes to Janice for a speedy recovery and to let her know she is genuinely, as much in our thoughts now as she was throughout the campaign to elect her as our AGS candidate.

We now look forward to our engagement with Socialist View supporters as to who we support as AGS candidate, but we do so knowing the reasons for our campaign are as necessary today as they were in May, if not more so.

Recent developments over the national pay campaign have highlighted exactly why we have made the stand we have this year. Our support for both national PCS and LU policy on pay, is in stark to contrast to opposition of both from Chris Baugh and his supporters. They continue to sow division, hidden behind a public message of it merely being a difference in strategy, when we know their path would effectively kill the national campaign around core demands on pay. .

A widespread consultation is taking place across the union throughout January and SV are fully committed to supporting the union’s national policy, as set by ADC, as well as the strategy set out by the NEC to implement that policy, and we will continue to oppose any attempts to undermine or abandon that campaign, whether motivated by the AGS election or otherwise.

The policies and candidates we campaigned hard for are in place, and we now intend to ensure we implement and elect them in 2019.

We thank you for your continued support and solidarity, and wish you all the very best for the festive season.

Enjoy your break, no matter how brief, and be ready to carry on our campaigning in the New Year.