Conclusive result – go forward in unity

Left Unity National Conference took place yesterday in Manchester and comrades will have seen the election results by now, which were declared by the outgoing chair, Marion Lloyd, alongside a message of solidarity and unity to Left Unity members going forward.

These election results represent a very important decision for PCS, with Socialist View candidates winning every election, and our position on motions being carried forward in every debate.

Left Unity members should not under-estimate the scale of the majority at the conference, which was approximately 41/19.

Our position on pay was completely vindicated by the conference,  with calls for a special pay conference and disaggregated ballots instead of a national pay campaign being roundly defeated.

Our position on this and all other main issues is therefore now Left Unity policy, which is significant.

It is with real sadness that it was announced tonight that Janice Godrich, having been elected as Left Unity’s AGS candidate, is no longer well enough to continue.

This matter will be dealt with as a priority by the incoming Left Unity National Committee in order that Left Unity can move forward with the maximum unity.

Solidarity to all of our supporters and thank you for your hard work during the Left Unity election campaign,

Yours fraternally


Fran Heathcote – Left Unity presidential candidate.